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bdk512 April 24th, 2006 04:43 PM

MtG: Cards missing from data files?
Just started cataloging my Magic collection using Card Vault. I've only input 10 cards so far and I've already come across one that is missing? "Crystal Chimes" from Urza's Saga.

Is there any way to easily update a data file myself to add a single card or two?


Ralphey June 6th, 2006 10:00 PM

An easy way to edit the data files is with Notepad :)
Warning - back up your dat\Magic directory first!

But, I should warn you that Crystal Chimes *is* in the Saga data....I haven't found anything "regular" missing from the Magic data files.

It might be that your filter view is hiding the entry.

kamereon June 23rd, 2006 12:26 AM

I have been using CV for a couple of years now and recently have been redoing a lot of my inventory. I noticed a few errors and thought this would be a good thread to mention them:

1. Urza's Destiny is missing card numbers.
2. Nemesis. Skyshroud Poacher is singular (i.e. no "s" on the end).
3. Urza's Saga is missing card numbers.
4. Mercadian Masques. Hunted Wumpus is listed as a common when it should be an uncommon.

That is it, which is amazing since I just finished inventorying 70,000 cards and was basically in every release...and all I found was four concerns. Oddly, enough I could have sworn when I first installed Card Vault that Urza's had card numbers.

Also, I recently upgraded to a new computer system and installed CV. I then saved my old CV inventory to a shared drive. I then loaded that file into my new CV. Everything but my foils transferred. Not as horrible when my computer crashed three computers ago and took 50,000 cards with it, but still time-consuming going through and redoing all of my foils.

I am being lazy and writing everything here in this thread: Is there anyway to decrement your inventory by four of each of the current filter set (i.e. I sell 4x common sets on ebay and want to reduce my inventory by four).

ratboy June 29th, 2006 08:23 PM

Yes, there is a batch edit function in the inventory menu. It's slighty complex, I recommend reading the docs first.

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