View Full Version : New skills in CoC 7?

September 26th, 2018, 07:45 AM

My group is running a Call of Cthulhu 7 adventure set in a different time period (the 1950s). So we wanted to add a couple of new skills for the characters.

Does HL allow that for CoC7? I can't find that option anywhere.
But its odd as the other systems I use with HL all seem to offer an 'add a custom skill' option.

Is this an intentional omission, have I missed something, or is it a bug being fixed? :)

(incidentally, I'm not bothered about deleting skills we don't use, I just want to ad the new ones to the sheet).

September 27th, 2018, 05:05 AM
I don't have CoC7, but you can add custom skills in 6th.
At the bottom of the skill tab "Add Another Skill", choose "Custom Skill".
Failing that option - you can always use the Editor to add your own skills.

September 27th, 2018, 09:43 AM
I see where you mean in CoC 6
but weirdly that is just a 'pick specialities' option in 7.
Can't see why they'd change that feature.

The editor is an option, but its something of a steeper learning curve. :)

(given we're playing teens in this game it is also a pain not to be able to drop age to 18 or education lower than 40 (my biker is no academic))

September 28th, 2018, 11:43 AM
To add a new skill with HL Editor is fairly straightforward if you are adding them as additional skills, the only thing easier were the languages. Adding Occupations is more difficult but not insurmountable in most cases.

There are some videos from Lone Wolf showing how to do it. Below is a link to You Tube Videos for Realm Works and Hero Lab.

I only started playing with the editor for Cthulhu a week or so ago and I've added 84 Occupations, 13 Skills, 1 Spell and 2 languages. Most were from the Investigators Handbook although the spell, languages and one Occupation were home brew. The major issue that I have found is with adding a few Occupations that have more than 2 sets of choices for occupations that can't be mixed. I think it may need some changes that I'm not confident to try to add , and not sure if I can.

Let me know if I can help. If you let me know exactly what you want adding, I might be able to let you have a bespoke file with them in.