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  1. D&D Starter Set (5E)
  2. Plans for D&D 5th Edition & Hero Lab
  3. D&D 5th Edition Coming to Hero Lab and Realm Works!
  4. D&D 5e Feature Requests
  5. Forum rules! Please read before posting
  6. Let the Countdown Begin! – D&D 5th Edition SRD in Hero Lab
  7. Ability to add more content
  8. 5e Release...
  9. General Hero Lab Support & Community Resources
  10. You are running HeroLab in demo mode
  11. Hero Lab Launches D&D 5th Edition SRD
  12. Upgrade??? For the SRD
  13. What happens to 5e content I create with editor if full license released?
  14. Stuck on HL Tutorial #3 (Adding Class Archetypes)
  15. Editor Best practices
  16. Help with adding content.
  17. How would I do the following auto-calculation?
  18. [BUG] -ve Dex affects AC in Heavy Armor
  19. A comparision of Datasets
  20. Modifying the Character Sheet possible?
  21. Summary windows
  22. Community Files
  23. Examples Needed: Logic Basics
  24. Adding Subclasses
  25. Adventures League ID
  26. Adding Background Feature
  27. Battlemaster
  28. Feats
  29. Community Effort: Feats
  30. Editing the SRD?
  31. How to handle lycanthropy?
  32. How to add ability scores?
  33. Ability Scores?
  34. Adding a Primal Path?
  35. Underwhelmed
  36. Adding Beastmaster
  37. data files and the iPad
  38. Warning D&D 5e not usable for gaming.
  39. Ability Scores
  40. adding cantrip
  41. 5E Archetypes
  42. Adding Drow Magic Racial ability
  43. Custom Backgrounds
  44. Getting Encounter Builder Working
  45. Active Spells
  46. Implementing Certain Background Abilities
  47. Cleric Domains
  48. Subclasses/Arcane Traditions etc.
  49. Feature Request: Weapon and Armor Proficiency Summary
  50. Odd Background Behavior
  51. Armor Proficiency: How to Add / Check
  52. DMsGuild.com and Community Files
  53. Removing Attunment
  54. conditional modifier traits
  55. Thieves Tools & Other Skills
  56. Scripting Help
  57. Racial fixed ability score
  58. So WotC Left Firebolt out of the SRD? Seriously?
  59. Organization?
  60. DMs Guild
  61. Community Files: Filling the Gaps
  62. Rituals
  63. Racial Armour
  64. Checking equipped items, combining items and item prices
  65. I honestly can't find the help thread...
  66. Tutorial 6 (WiP) - Adding spellcasting to a Class (Eval Scripts & coding)
  67. Adding monsters and NPCs and using the encounter builder
  68. Warlock pact weapon
  69. Adding Feats
  70. Backgrounds
  71. Limitations of the SRD
  72. Some questions on HL, SRD and FG
  73. Custom Expression resources
  74. Darkvision Help?
  75. Help: How to allow multiple picks and apply proficiency
  76. Version 1.1 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available!
  77. List of what is actually in the SRD?
  78. Adding Archetypes to Existing Classes
  79. Validating .user files
  80. Help: Outlander Bck
  81. Flight
  82. Adding Monsters
  83. Background Tab Editor Question
  84. CISpecWhen Issue With Paladin Oath of Vengeance
  85. Custom Stats?
  86. Dual Wielder Feat Script Available?
  87. Adding Temporary "Advantage" on special skill checks
  88. Class Special with 5 different Spell List Options
  89. Number to String conversion
  90. Spell Points Option
  91. Increasing Encumbrance
  92. Description Formating
  93. Increment
  94. Scrolls
  95. Finding a Group ID or Tag ID
  96. Adding to Existing Domain
  97. weapons in off hand (not) setting gIsEquip field
  98. Script timing
  99. D&D 5e Community Pack
  100. How do I update the Background text permanently?
  101. Monk Base Class incorrect
  102. Taking a feat "out of band"
  103. Hit Dice
  104. DD5e Comm Pack - Human Variant Subclass MUST be selected?
  105. Community Pack Improvements: Helpers Wanted
  106. Tool: 'Thing' Parser
  107. Version 1.2 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available!
  108. Warlock - Dark one's Blessing (on iPad)
  109. Hero Lab Enhancements for D&D 5th Edition SRD Monsters, Community Pack, and more!
  110. HL DnD 5e SRD Workflow for Idiot DMs
  111. Execute EvalScript globally on a hero
  112. Multiple Armor Classes Creating Custom Monster (i.e. "race")
  113. 5e Community Pack 1.2 error
  114. Editor Question: Natural Attacks
  115. Background Feature Display
  116. Adding money cost to items
  117. Bootstrap Conitional
  118. Stone of Luck
  119. Proficiency Bonus
  120. Starting Gear?
  121. Traits/Ideals Not Long Enough
  122. Modify Racial Starting Languages
  123. Magic Items Features/Details
  124. Custom Background Tool Proficiency Suggestion
  125. How to create a new natural weapon
  126. Silvered weapons
  127. How do you handle gems?
  128. Class Creation; How to grant a tool proficiency?
  129. Need help about weapons config
  130. Help!
  131. Druid Wild Shape
  132. Optional Rules
  133. Review all items, spells, etc.
  134. Versatile weapons
  135. Waterborne vehicles proficiency
  136. Magic Weapons and Armor
  137. Companions, Monsters, and Mounts, oh my!
  138. Elemental Adept
  139. How is HL calculating CR for NPCs?
  140. Puzzling error?
  141. Racial Specials
  142. New Class...my user choices aren't showing up
  143. AC Class Breakdown incorrect
  144. Familiar Changes and Printing?
  145. Natural Attack: Attack Effect - Where does this text display?
  146. Incorrect Adventurers League ID/Player ID display
  147. carriage return in script string
  148. How to display saving throws on statblock
  149. SubClass Feature problem.
  150. Yet Another Question
  151. Adding magic words?
  152. How to add text to a language
  153. Rogue only granting feat points
  154. Bonus Spell Preparation Slot Adjustment
  155. Pathfinder Classes Etc
  156. changing spellcasting stat
  157. Familiar Types
  158. Help making a subrace
  159. Question about 5Ensider content
  160. Where is Unarmed combat "thing" defined?
  161. cantrips as weapons
  162. text functions
  163. How to use Conditions and Other Adjustment Durations in Tactical Console
  164. Cleric Domains
  165. Deity Category functioning strangely
  166. Language option for Haunted One background
  167. Overriding text
  168. BUG: Adventurers League field too narrow
  169. Ran first session with the Tactical Console!
  170. how to use custom stats as opposed to pregen
  171. Encounter and library Setup
  172. Boulders
  173. Encounter Builder Need a .stock File.
  174. Creating a Race: Genasi
  175. Variant Human and feats
  176. 5th edition release pushed back to early next week
  177. Draconic Resiliance + Archmagi Robes?
  178. detect no armor and no shield
  179. Template race
  180. Adding New Magic Item
  181. Monk:Way Of The Sun Soul
  182. Version 1.3 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available!
  183. How to Handle: Monsters that list spells from incorrect class lists
  184. is an Official 5e license out of the question
  185. Adding Trinkets
  186. xospells errors
  187. Elemental Adept
  188. Getting a name string
  189. Feature Request: More Journal Items
  190. Yet another possible bug
  191. New Hero Lab beta available!
  192. SRD Creatures and NPC + Wish
  193. 5E Mac Installation
  194. Ideal, Bond, Flaw, and Specialty Question
  195. Adding a Tool proficiency to a class adds Gear Value?
  196. Language Prevelance
  197. How hard to add an extra currency?
  198. Custom Background Special Abilities Question
  199. Factions
  200. Third Party Updates & Dropbox
  201. Sub-class & Domain selection.
  202. Passive Perception
  203. Development Deadline
  204. Racial ability spell attack
  205. Spellcasting Attribue modifer
  206. Expertise Feature
  207. How do you do weapon proficiency in the editor
  208. How to select differnt sub races and backgrounds
  209. Remove a pick possible ? Disable it ?
  210. Racial Custom ability for naga, spellcasting
  211. 5E Conversion to Fantasy Ground
  212. Help With Scripting
  213. Version 1.4 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available!
  214. Question on Max Ability Scores
  215. Bonus Spell Casting Slots
  216. How do I add multi-attack for a Custom Monster
  217. Custom Magic Items?
  218. Help Creating Custom Content
  219. 5E on the iPad for Hero Lab?
  220. How do you save a custom monster
  221. Weapon rolls for weapons that use 2 die damage
  222. Hero Lab -> Fantasy Grounds Character Converter
  223. Adding Spells to a Custom Class
  224. Special Ability Problem
  225. Spell Bugs in SRD/COM
  226. Dice rolls for spells
  227. Version 1.5 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available!
  228. I can't figure out how to set HP per level (after 1st)
  229. DMG Expert Class
  230. roll20 or google docs output?
  231. Printing Cantrips and Saves
  232. Getting at a hero's natural weapon in the editor
  233. iPad Missing Functionality
  234. Hero Labs 5e Export/Import options?
  235. Witch Hunter class help?
  236. Encounter Builder
  237. Druid spells
  238. FAQ: Why do I only see one subrace, background, or feat?
  239. Magic Weapon creator?
  240. More than 2 activation options?
  241. Cleric Divine Domain Exorcism will not go away
  242. Adding new monsters to encounter builder?
  243. Werewolf PC
  244. Output Hero Statblock Feature Missing Stats
  245. Blood Hunter
  246. How to output a Character Sheet?
  247. Duplicate Proficiencies
  248. [Feature Request] Faction/Renown/Downtime Days
  249. Rite Publishing looking for 5th Edition Hero Lab Coder
  250. Effective Hit Point different than "In Play" total