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  1. Hero Lab 3.0 & Authoring Kit released
  2. How do I make derived traits also user-modifiable
  3. Can the incrementer in a portal be based on a field?
  4. Design and organization suggestions?
  5. Forum rules! Please read before posting
  6. Error in Wiki
  7. Warhammer Fantasy Unit Champions
  8. Location of the Wiki?
  9. width of tabs
  10. Should I have an Authoring Kit choice?
  11. Why do I have to restart?
  12. Wrong Version of Savage Worlds?
  13. Things are mutually exclusive within a table, but not later
  14. Text moving after modifying field[livename].text
  15. How to model some characteristics with odd behaviors
  16. Pre-reqs can be ignored under certain circumstances
  17. User renamable races
  18. I'd like something already bootstrapped to show up in a chooser
  19. I need some choosers' contents to delete themselves if the race changes
  20. Authoring Kit License
  21. Weapons as containers for equipment like scopes?
  22. HLKitWiki
  23. Cortex Game System Status Announcement
  24. authoring kit wiki
  25. I'm having trouble writing a position script
  26. Are multiple needtag expressions combined with & or |?
  27. Adding to existing systems
  28. An external source fixes the price of advancements of things not yet added
  29. Is it possible to loop through the tags in a tag group?
  30. Making a new game system
  31. Star Wars Saga
  32. ddidownloader error
  33. Has the HLWiki Website changed?
  34. Star Frontiers
  35. Can't load files in Editor
  36. Question in regards to Derived traits
  37. Skills with various abilities
  38. Still not getting the Make a Tab to work
  39. Orphans due to missing things
  40. Questions regarding new system
  41. Starting with D6
  42. Popup chooser?
  43. New Project - Fudge, Where to Start?
  44. Working with Skills
  45. New Direction
  46. duplicate system
  47. Skill Linkage
  48. Does anyone have pre-made files available for import into Hero Lab
  49. Perhaps a silly question
  50. Looking for bare bones skeleton
  51. Safely breaking the link between skills and attributes
  52. Gen Con Lectures
  53. Enclyclopedia Magica Authoring question
  54. Pre-Requsite Errors on build
  55. Doctor Who
  56. DC Heores?
  57. Error - Value given for attribute 'index' does not satisfy range requirements.
  58. Custom Rule Set
  59. Help with scripts
  60. Authoring Kit and Scion
  61. Tutorials??
  62. Irksome issue
  63. Deleting Items
  64. curious - why 4E & SW bundled?
  65. Maximum Number of Picks
  66. Savage Worlds - Adding to Arcane Backgrounds
  67. Introducing the dF to HeroLab
  68. Savage Worlds Walk-Through
  69. XSD Schema for user files?
  70. Hero Lab Editor Help file missing
  71. Masterbook or TORG RPG systems?
  72. ddidownloader and HL 4e
  73. changing the "standard" file types?
  74. Add a new game/setting ruleset?
  75. pre-defined fields
  76. Ammo questions
  77. Where in the World Wide Web?
  78. Hit Points from Skills
  79. creating Scion Dataset
  80. Nested Derived Attributes and Conditionals on these
  81. Adding hands via editor created items
  82. Adding material via the Authoring Kit
  83. Old World of Darkness
  84. Authoring Kit Bug?
  85. Editing a Dataset
  86. Wanting to build a Unisystem file
  87. Videos
  88. Adding Abilities when Item Equipped
  89. Adding spells to the Sample file without adding new tabs
  90. New Game System
  91. Help request- in regards to weapons
  92. Help request - In regards to classes
  93. Inspiration Wanted - Zodiac Themed Abilities
  94. Basic math function question
  95. D&D Downloader
  96. Edit Default Datasets: A possible approach
  97. Authoring Kit documentation
  98. Linkage problems
  99. Creating an entire new system: Fantasy Craft
  100. How can I do that ....
  101. A couple of questions for the Savage Worlds editor
  102. Combining User Files
  103. Name column in the Preclude Tab?
  104. Where do I start?
  105. Any 1st Edition rule sets?
  106. A little .user file guidance
  107. Confirm my belief?
  108. Anima: Beyond Fantasy
  109. Trying to convert pathfinder starwars mod, attribute problem.
  110. Why do changes not take effect?
  111. d6 Star Wars
  112. Fantasy Craft
  113. Help! New User!
  114. Paying to create a data file
  115. Some problem
  116. Added Skill Tab, non-domain skills not appearing
  117. Cannot Program, Need Help
  118. Trouble with Headers
  119. Racial attribute bonus
  120. A question of structure in HL
  121. Panellinkage error
  122. Not showing the float window
  123. Some way around...
  124. Things about list
  125. trt Final
  126. Authoring Kit Questions (Word of Darkness related)
  127. Dice roller question
  128. Hero Lab and D&D(D&D, AD&D or clones)
  129. Tags on Skills
  130. Two Selectable Menus of A Few Skills
  131. adding Domain
  132. Code/Scritping Samples?
  133. Where Are They?
  134. Q: foreach statements, is nesting possible?
  135. Basic steps to start using the authoring kit?
  136. adding classes?
  137. rolemaster
  138. d100 based games
  139. script issuse
  140. Deathwatch
  141. Savage Worlds Rank Advancement
  142. Authoring Kit Update
  143. "Domain" field & different component sets
  144. Need a little bit of help
  145. Timing on Summary tab refresh?
  146. Example of skills tab like Cortex?
  147. default value - newbie question
  148. Rounding/ setting Decimals attribute
  149. Domain menu chooser?
  150. Authoring Example help
  151. Editing bmp files
  152. Traveller 5 WIP
  153. How to apply ddidownload content to 4e module ? Error with premade HL characters
  154. Recursion?
  155. Rogue Trader
  156. Manipulating field/thing and if statements
  157. Syntax error in live tag
  158. Im trying to convert a few classes from Star Wars D20 to pathfinder and need help
  159. Access Entity in Form
  160. What am I missing here?
  161. Trying to mod Pathfinder
  162. Starting from Scratch?
  163. Trying to merge parts of 3e and 4e and pathfinder
  164. Missing something, pointer please.
  165. Exposing all the Things!
  166. Set stats (not point buy)
  167. Set Min-Max by Race
  168. Doctor Who
  169. RuneQuest
  170. Qin: The Warring States
  171. How difficult is this for creating sytems?
  172. Action button open Chooser?
  173. Chooser_table selections?
  174. Gizmos and how to use them
  175. Gizmo confusion
  176. Disabling a gizmo edit form popup
  177. Everyone, please work on the clarity of your questions
  178. state.combatpass and newpass action
  179. user die roll input for skill selection for Traveller
  180. Looking for help to code a D20 based RPG
  181. journal thing definition?
  182. Displaying Items with Gizmos
  183. Output label sizing?
  184. Stuck in sample autoring kit
  185. Advancement & gizmo bootstrapping
  186. Table issue
  187. Output label text not appearing?
  188. WoD Attribute tab
  189. Eclipse Phase
  190. Higher starting value
  191. GURPS Lite
  192. Fudge Attributes
  193. Karate - A Complicated Skill
  194. Fudge Traits
  195. Starting Resource Options
  196. Summary Tab width
  197. Sorting in chooser lists by separators
  198. UserSelect, menus and arrays
  199. D6 Fantasy
  200. Deleting/Adding old/new attributes
  201. Altering the Sample Kit attributes, please help!
  202. Does anyone have a copy of thing_skill?
  203. filenames in HL
  204. Warhammer 40,000 RPG Expansion
  205. Atomic Highway
  206. Modifying skills and a couple other things starting from a d20 base.
  207. Iron Kingdoms RPG
  208. Wiki update???
  209. Removing Spells
  210. Minimum Files
  211. Castles & Crusades
  212. Adding Armor and other bonuses
  213. Spillover to sheet 3 on printed sheet?
  214. Bootstrapping User fields
  215. How long to develop one kit
  216. Handling Linked Attributes.
  217. AD&D 2e
  218. Exalted Datafiles
  219. Line breaks in ability description?
  220. ability prereq
  221. Editing a Copied Game System
  222. Update mechanism alway says new version available
  223. Platform in updates.xml
  224. Encumbrance Threshold error
  225. Anima Beyond Fantasy
  226. Panel/layout/template designer
  227. Community ruleset
  228. Force a 2nd page of output?
  229. Dynamic tab names
  230. Output sheet for Gizmos?
  231. 4 by 5 grid table
  232. Bootstrap within if statement.
  233. Circumstance/Situational in another dataset?
  234. Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
  235. Deathwatch Editor Question
  236. Fantasy Craft
  237. Deathwatch Armour
  238. .por files
  239. Deathwatch XP system
  240. Specials Output on weapons
  241. Serialized Advancement
  242. Bootstrapped Weapon same as Parent?
  243. Hidingor Didabling An Advance option.
  244. Deathwatch: Advance Restrictions
  245. Deathwatch Shadowed Picks
  246. Editor and Gizmos
  247. Parameters for exprreq
  248. Authoring Kit Updates Needed
  249. Default selection on chooser?
  250. Set default attribute without spending character points.