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  1. HLO Pathfinder 1E date?
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  18. Small Sized Aasimar, Small Equipment?
  19. New validation error, clawhand shield
  20. Inaccurate stats
  21. Synthesist Summoner Large Size Eidolon Bug
  22. Companion License?
  23. Custom Data Content
  24. Lone Wolf PF1 Newsletter Mistake?
  25. Heroes' Feast temp hit points
  26. Help
  27. No Melee/Ranged Touch "weapons"?
  28. Background skills
  29. Adventure Paths and Encounter Library
  30. HLO PF1 Spells in "play"
  31. HLC Encounter Import failure
  32. Spell Mastery Feat?
  33. Player Companion Bundles
  34. Unchained Monk penalty for multiple weapons
  35. Calendar text color
  36. Where to reduce energy for protection from energy
  37. Kineticist Burn not working properly
  38. Portfolio Import
  39. Lost Character Data
  40. Bug report
  41. A Grab-bag of Minor Issues
  42. Looking for psychic anthology
  43. Arcane Trickster
  44. Panoply savant archetype?
  45. Witch spells
  46. Adding Specialized spells
  47. Druid Wildshape
  48. Please assist me, Book inquiry.
  49. Critical Hit Confirmation Rolls
  50. HLO-PF1 No + to add journal entries
  51. fey magic spells
  52. Number Breakdowns
  53. Flurry of Blows + Dragon Style
  54. Qinggong Monk in Hero Lab Online
  55. Foundry VTT converter?
  56. Special Materials - change base AC of armor?
  57. Fantasy Grounds Converter
  58. Upgrade from Demo
  59. Musical instruments
  60. Designating the GM
  61. Setting ability score at specific value with a template
  62. Found error in purchased data package
  63. Fey Creature Template
  64. The effects of this ability has not been implemented yet.
  65. Move a character from HLO to Classic for Pathfinder 1st edition.
  66. Adaptive Shifter
  67. Doesnt work
  68. Transfer spells between spellbooks?
  69. Armor/Barding for Animal Companion
  70. HLO doens't allow small size weapon and armor
  71. those darn rings....and house rules.
  72. rings and house rules...
  73. Goblintaur
  74. Roll Initiative Every Round
  75. Wrath of the Righteous Content Not Available
  76. Applying the False Life/Aid to a PC or NPC
  77. Spell Adjustments (Pathfinder 1E)
  78. What herolab package has the monster template daikaiju
  79. Daikaiju
  80. Where to find Elves of Golarion Package
  81. Hunter - Skirmisher Tricks
  82. Magus Spell Combat
  83. Arcanist - No validation error for 2 conflicting archetypes
  84. POR Import Issues
  85. Light weapon adjustment
  86. Summoner's Sidekick in HLO
  87. Monks and Archetype Feat Issue
  88. Wand prices
  89. Archetypes Missing
  90. Players in patron campaign not getting all options
  91. Players unable to use patron options
  92. Character options going missing
  93. Data Package Store
  94. Applying Metamagic
  95. Repositioning templates
  96. Suggestion: Add "Change Gear Size" option
  97. Adding Mounts to NPCs
  98. Is HLO useless for Mythic Adventures?
  99. Do I need HLO or Ipad app?
  100. Trying to set up eidolon. Missing something.
  101. Trying to set up eidolon. Missing something..
  102. Custom Magic Items for HLO?
  103. New 'Valet' familiar validation issue
  104. Tactical Console
  105. Dice Roller Weapon Bonus Damage
  106. Moving Gear
  107. Will missing content ever be added?
  108. Blessed Book as spellbook
  109. Missing Kineticist Element?
  110. Packmaster Hunter
  111. world is square
  112. Magus Kensai Canny Defense incorrect
  113. AC breakdown
  114. City of Strangers Inquiry
  115. Spell-Points Magic System
  116. Investigator's Inspiration
  117. PF1e Race Builder bug
  118. Checking for update on HLO PF1 functions
  119. Free spell issue
  120. Charactrer Configuration
  121. Community Pack
  122. Feature Request
  123. non-standard Animal Companion for a Bard
  124. Wrath of the Righteous - Unable to Purchase Encounters
  125. Splinters of Faith
  126. PFS race adjustment
  127. Banner of the Ancient Kings - No Ability Adjustment Option
  128. HLO NPC Codex?
  129. Unchained Summoner Missing Eidolon
  130. Rolling zeros?
  131. AP Encounter Libraries
  132. New Here. Please Help
  133. Feature Request: Hide Ability from InPlay
  134. Can you add non class spells to a character in HLO
  135. Question about Legendary Mythic Intelligent Weapon Spellcasting Question
  136. What are the numbers after the slash for?
  137. Configuring Urban Bloodrager/Controlled Bloodrage
  138. Adding Class Levels To A Dragon
  139. Errors when adding custom Archetype
  140. Synthesist Summoner - Eidolon Evolution
  141. Occultist: Necromancy - Soulbound Puppet Focus Power
  142. Spells missing metamagic application
  143. Error in Editor
  144. Removing a class level breaks class features
  145. Mac Issue
  146. Default custom condition
  147. Drake Companion for Silver champion
  148. Estoc
  149. Edit to add a new weapon
  150. Feature Suggestion: Shared Loot Features
  151. What do you get access to when subbing?
  152. Bears for Rangers Animal Companion
  153. artificer pathfinder 1st ed
  154. Need Hero Lab Online guidance
  155. Altering/building archetypes
  156. unable to import portfolio on ipad
  157. Is there a way to have a third trait?
  158. How do you add a cohort to your character sheet on HLO?
  159. Hero points settings
  160. HLO Pathfinder Opalescent White Pyramid Resonance Issue
  161. Missing Spell: Hunter's Blessing
  162. Unchained Rogue Ki Powers
  163. Warlock - Memorizing Spells
  164. Werewolf Animal Form Stats?
  165. Enable Traits?
  166. How to set a region for a player.
  167. Spell Perfection (Fireball) for Theologian Cleric
  168. Land/Fly Sped Calculation Issue
  169. Feats in Mythic Hero's Handbook
  170. Confused about getting HLO setup ...
  171. extra damage dice (Vigilante w/Hidden Strike)
  172. Need HELP
  173. Concealing character details on Stage
  174. Age-based ability score modifications
  175. HLC to HLO
  176. 101 Monster Feats - Rite Publishing